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Three books are currently available for purchase. They are each $15 and all proceeds go to Royal Stage Christian Performing Arts, as well as various international outreaches with a focus on children and the arts.

Those Little Dark Nights – What do you do when you’re white, middle class and unhappy in the suburbs? This is what young Ruby Woodfin has wondered for years while living in the competing realities of dance recitals, birthday parties and the dark, murky wasteland of mental illness. When a life-changing experience spins her perspective away from herself and toward eternity, Ruby struggles to find her footing in a world that is nothing as it once seemed. A forthright, transparent look into the world of mental illness and spirituality, Ruby guides us through her story with the use of an anonymous storyteller who strives to utilize the appropriate words to capture a reality that’s often far from simple. This novel presents Christianity and all of the ups and downs of “church life” through the eyes of a young woman battling mental illness. Join Ruby on her journey of finding her footing from a faith-based perspective and coming into independence and a life well worth living.

11145157_10155986568225151_3331825734960776718_nGerald the Giraffe – The complete collection of mysterious illustrations shared on social media from July-August 2015. Will Tommy the Tick Bird be able to find someone to teach Gerald how to dance? Illustrated by Rebecca Hassinger. 





Imaginator Sam’s Runaway Adventures: Escape to the Zoo  (preorder – available Dec 1 2015) – The first in a series of Christian children’s books about a 7-year-old boy and his imaginative adventures. Tired of life with an annoying sister and redundant dinners, a little boy runs away and attempts to move in to the city zoo. After trying to fit in with various animals, he learns the true meaning of family and how God makes each of us unique. 

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